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  • Repairs Administration Services

    In addition to our regular spares marketing business, we provide repairs administration services. Our repair management program consists of a well-organized team that produces the most effective and reliable service for our customer’s repairs. We work very close with the OEM’s and the most prestigious FAA approved repair stations to provide an end product with excellent workmanship and quality in a timely a manner.

    Our agreements with these companies have helped to reduce the cost of our customer’s repairs due to substantial labor rate reductions results of bulk hourly lots packages negotiated with the repair stations. It was also negotiated the benefit of providing the spares and not charge our customers with premium fees for the spares associated with the repairs. In these cases, we procure and provide the material needed for said repair, to reduce the materials cost, giving the benefit of a significant reduction of the total repair.

    We are working with these organizations to increase the standard quality of 12 months/500 hours, whichever comes first, to 18 months/800 hours. Being strategically located in Miami, Florida, where probably 75% of the FAA approved repair stations have their facilities, give us the opportunity to interact with them in order to do a much tighter follow up and a faster delivery.

  • Consignment Inventories

    Our consignment Inventories marketing team provides aggressive and innovative methods in order to promote sales and distribution of our customer”s inventories.  We can store consignment material in our secure and organized 33000sq/ft facilities assuring our consignees that their inventories are located in a clean and safe environment.

    Our sales team will expose the sale of these inventories through out the world by listing them on several reliable databases that reach over 5000 companies on the web. Our low handling fees are beneficial to any company with intentions to dispose of their excess inventories. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you would like to discuss this benefit for your organization.

  • 24/7 AOG Services

    Our doors are always open. Our sales team is available 24 hours day per week all year round. So rest easy, whenever you need us, we are just a phone call away, ready and waiting to get you back on the air as quick as possible.